Strategy Day 2023

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This years strategy day was held on Monday 2nd October. We had a great turnout with all 6 trustees present alongside staff members and volunteers meaning that everybody’s views were heard and taken into account when planning the way forward for the coming year.

We reflected on the difficulties that everyone is facing at the moment – cost of living, services closing or being over stretched –  and how this has increased the complexity of the work we’ve been taking on. We agreed it was time to re-focus on our core Christian values and who we are as an organisation. Our core service offer is to provide early intervention support to parents and carers, empowering them to make sustainable changes. We work in a solution focused way being honest about what we can’t change and working towards what we can.

We work in partnership with our referrers and other charities and organisations to provide a holistic service that best meets the needs of the family. We recognise that we all have different specialisms and resources and signpost on where required.

We have identified clear actions that need to be taken including working to maintain our team’s knowledge and skills, amending our recruitment processes to see the best candidates coming through and giving them opportunities to grow within their role.

As Service Lead, I am truly excited to grow with my team over the next year and feel ready to rise to the challenges and ensure we provide the best service to  our families, our staff and our volunteers.