The Team

My name is Sarah Stapleton and I am the Service Lead . I have a background in Family Support with Suffolk County Council and experience of working with volunteers. Before taking on my current role I had been supporting Family First as a family volunteer.



My name is Karen McNeil and I am a Family Coordinator. I have a background in tutoring and experience of fostering, adoption and children with special needs




My name is Michelle Jones and I am a Family Coordinator . I have a background in health visiting and teaching with knowledge of special educational needs




My name is Audrey Catto and I am a Family Coordinator. I have a background in special school nursing.




My name is Sam Woodley and I am a Family Coordinator . I have a background in teaching and experience of fostering






Jan Baker is a Trustee and has been part of the Organisation since it began in 2013 . She has a professional background in nursing with over 35 years experience working both in the community and until retirement , as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in North East Essex.



Dot Cordle is Chair of Trustees. She has a clinical background in Nursing and Health Visiting , with extensive skills and experience in clinical, operational and management of Children and Family Services within the NHS.  Her career culminated in Head of these services across Suffolk. Following her retirement Dot has been involved with several charities including Family First.



David Samson is both trustee and safeguarding lead for Family First. Having worked for over 20 years in the private and public sector for Connexions and Children’s Services he brings a wealth of experience supporting teenagers and families and ensuring safe practice.




Mark Crawley recently retired from Suffolk County Council where he led a team responsible for commissioning a variety of services for adults. Previously Mark was Director of Commissioning in an NHS Trust. He has over 30 years experience working in the public and charitable sector, much of it a senior level and brings a wealth of experience of developing and improving services for people with a wide range of health and care needs.