Teri Cudby from Suffolk County Council

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We were delighted to have Teri Cudby from Suffolk County Council join our team today for some awareness training around Domestic Abuse. We know that this issue affects so many people (1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in the UK) and feel passionate that our staff have the understanding and confidence to help deal with this wherever they come across it.   One of our Family Workers expressed it well when she said she thought this would help family members feel validated. Although we are not a specialist service, we know that many of our families may have lived experience of Domestic Abuse and it’s good to know that we have been upskilled with the latest knowledge of support services we can signpost to and ways we can help in the moment. Thanks Teri.

We plan to send at least one of our team on the training to become a Domestic Abuse Champion.